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Boggan waxaad ku arki kartaa cusbooneysiintii ugu dambeysay iyo dhacdooyinkii lala galay MRCI CDS iyo sidoo kale natiijooyinka ka soo baxay Daraasaddeenna Qanacsanaanta Macaamiisha ee ugu dambeysay, iyo wargeysyadeena hore.

Ma dooneysaa waxtar badan oo MRCI CDS ah?

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CARF Survey Poster

CARF Survey Spring 2024


A survey team from CARF international will be evaluating MRCI to ensure we meet international standards of quality.

hearing notice document

Notice of Hearing


Workers who provide Consumer Directed Community Supports, Consumer Support Grant and Personal Care Assistance Choice programs are exclusively represented by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). A labor agreement in effect from July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2023, governs the terms and conditions of their employment.

The Minnesota Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) has received a charge by SEIU arguing Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) was required to bargain with SEIU about the terms of distribution plans related to a Minnesota 2020 law. The PERB has scheduled a hearing to take place on September 23, 2021. See the hearing notice by clicking the image of the document. Right now, the hearing is scheduled to take place in person.

image with the words "whose line is it Mankato - an improv event benefiting MRCI"

Whose Line is it Mankato?


Are you ready for a fun night of energy, excitement and spontaneous laughter? Be sure to mark your calendars for the September 10, 2021 as Pioneer Bank presents Whose Line is it Mankato? Visit for more information. We hope to see you there!

DSP supporting a person

Thank you DSPs


Direct Support Professional Appreciation Week (September 12-18, 2021) is a great opportunity to highlight the dedicated, innovative direct support workforce that is the heart and soul of supports for people with disabilities. We appreciate all the dedication and work DSPs do for the disability community. Please make sure to recognize and show appreciation for the DSPs in your life!

decorative image of invoices in an envelope

Reminder: Goods and Services paid through a Vendor


Vendors, who are either companies or stand alone individuals who specifically provide services must submit their billing directly to MRCI. This eliminates any confusion or extra work on your behalf as a representative. If you have questions on how to have a vendor submit a claim directly to MRCI please contact our Claims team by calling 800-829-7110 or email

Banner image with the message "Children ages 12 and older are now eligible to get the vaccine." and the website:

COVID-19 Vaccination Information


Children ages 12 and older are now eligible to get the vaccine. The Vaccine Connector will inform you about vaccine opportunities in your area. The connector is open to the public, and you can sign up by going to

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